About Roosevelt IV

August 8, 2011 was the first time that I knew that a baby was inside of me.  There were so many emotions surrounding the situation.  After many conversations with the father, I was going to let my baby go because he did not want him.  In the end I decided that I was going to keep my baby no matter what happened or what anyone said.

I was excited because this was going to be my first child.  No one wanted my baby as much as I did.  I went to all my appointments.  I made extra appointments or called when I did not feel right.  During first trimester, I was really tired but did not have much morning sickness.  At the start of the second trimester, I could not keep anything down.  I figured it was just a part of pregnancy.  At 19 weeks, I began to have a pain in my upper abdomen.  I made an appointment for 11-11-11 at 10 am.  That is when everything changed.

I went to the appointment.  I started to get nervous when my blood pressure was checked over five times.  I was sent to the hospital for observation because my blood pressure was elevated.  I still was not thinking things were serious.

Once the test were ran, the nurse came in and said "Please turn the TV off."  After that she told me that I had Preeclampsia and I would in the hospital for a while.  I broke down.  I was concerned about my baby.  At the time, I did not know the gender of my baby.  Maternal Fetal Medicine came to do an ultrasound.  That's when I found out I was having a BABY BOY!  I had felt the whole time that I was having a boy.

I was moved from the triage area to the high risk maternity ward.  There I was told about HELLP Syndrome and I was going down hill pretty quickly.  I was told I would have to deliver to save my like and at 19 weeks my baby would not survive.  I was broken.

On 11-11-11 at 9:08 pm, my baby boy was born through emergency c-section.  He was so beautiful.  His heart was beating and he was trying to breathe.  I hoping there was a chance form him to survive.  A big HOPE.  He lived 37 amazing minutes and touched so many lives. 

We named him Roosevelt Washington IV.

I miss him so much and think about him every day.